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Saint Augustin et l’écriture polyphonique

Using the tools of contemporary linguistics, the present book studies the Classical quotes found in Augustine’s City of God – mainly from Cicero, Sallustius, Varro, and Virgil – and tries to show (...)

«Entrer en philosophie»

«Entrer en philosophie». La fonction psychagogique des premiers “Dialogues” d’Augustin represents the first monograph in the French language entirely devoted to Cassiciacum’s “Dialogues”, a (...)

Contre les Académiciens

The first surviving work of Saint Augustine, the Against the Academicians opens the Philosophical Dialogues of Cassiciacum, composed at the end of 386. Its main subject is the question of (...)

La Cité de Dieu, livres XIX-XXII

Published for the first time in 1960, reprinted identically in 1993, this last volume of The City of God was out of print, and almost impossible to find on the second-hand market. Here it is (...)

Les Confessions, livres VIII-XIII

The second volume of the Confessions was published for the first time in 1962, the second edition (with addenda and corrigenda) published in 1992, was reprinted identically in 1996. Books VIII to (...)

In melius

At the crossroads of biblical reading and commentary, mysteries and liturgical celebrations, literary traditions of classical Romanity, the Latin poetry of Christian antiquity attests, in a time (...)

Épopée et prédication

Avitus of Vienne is the author of the five poetic books of the Spiritual History celebrating the importance of Christ in baptismal catechesis by the glorification of the patriarchs Adam, Noah and (...)

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