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In melius

At the crossroads of biblical reading and commentary, mysteries and liturgical celebrations, literary traditions of classical Romanity, the Latin poetry of Christian antiquity attests, in a time (...)

Épopée et prédication

Avitus of Vienne is the author of the five poetic books of the Spiritual History celebrating the importance of Christ in baptismal catechesis by the glorification of the patriarchs Adam, Noah and (...)

Les commentaires des Psaumes. Ps 53-60

Augustine (354-430) is the first Latin author to have made a complete commentary on the psalter which will be read all the more in the following centuries as it often takes on the appearance of a (...)

Contre Julien, livres I-III

In volume 25/A of the “Bibliothèque augustinienne”, one can read a new translation of books I to III of Contra Julianum by Augustine. This is a major work by Augustine. It is of interest not only to (...)

Irénée entre Asie et Occident

This volume brings together contributions concerning the figure of Irenaeus (ca 130-ca 200), a Christian author from Asia minor, Greek by language and culture, who spent the second part of his (...)

Augustin exégète et prédicateur dans les Sermons sur Matthieu

In his preaching, does Augustine of Hippo adapt his biblical commentaries and, if so, according to what criteria? To answer this question, this book studies the exegesis of some twenty sermons (...)

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