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La lettre-miroir dans l’Occident latin et vernaculaire du Ve au XVe s.

At the crossroads of letters and literary “Mirrors” in both Latin and the Western vernaculars, the volume collects papers from a colloquium held in 2014 at the University of Paris III (Sorbonne (...)

Ausone en 2015: bilan et nouvelles perspectives

This volume Ausone en 2015: bilan et nouvelles perspectives contains the papers delivered at the international conference, held under the same title, at the University of Paris Nanterre on 8 and (...)

Mens immobilis

Since the work of Paul Monceaux at the beginning of the 20th century the African hagiographic corpus has evolved. New texts were discovered while others were excluded from the corpus. Thus a new (...)

Contre Fauste le manichéen, livres I-XII

The Reply to Faustus the Manichaean is one of Augustine’s major works. It is of interest both to students of the bishop of Hippo’s works and to specialists of Manichaeism, as it touches upon many (...)

Nouvelle parution : M.-Y. Perrin, Civitas confusionis

Michel-Yves Perrin, Civitas confusionis. De la participation des fidèles aux controverses doctrinales dans l’Antiquité tardive (début IIIe s. - c. 430), Éditions Nuvis, Paris – Pékin – Philadelphie, (...)

Les Commentaires des Psaumes. Ps 37-44

Les hasards de la numérotation du Psautier font que les huit Enarrationes in Psalmos du volume 59/A de la Bibliothèque augustinienne, où Augustin commente les Ps 37 à 44, sont d’époque et de contenu (...)

La Vita beati Alcuini (IXe s.). Les inflexions d’un discours de sainteté

The Anglo-Saxon deacon Alcuin of York (730? - 804) became an adviser to Charlemagne and a key figure of the Carolingian Renaissance, and twenty years after his death, also the hero of a (...)

Corippe, Johannide, livre 4

The Iohannis is a panegyrical epic of eight books composed by Corippus in honor of the Magister militum John Troglita, whom the Emperor Justinian commanded to crush the Berber uprisings and (...)

Les Commentaires des Psaumes. Ps 118, Sermons 15-32

Dans cette collection, le volume BA 67/B est le septième d’une série consacrée aux Enarrationes in Psalmos d’Augustin, qui couvrent 2000 pages de texte latin dans l’édition complète du Corpus (...)

«Studium in libris». Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Louis Charlet

This volume, dedicated to Jean-Louis Charlet, Professor of Late, Medieval and neo-Latin literature at the University of Aix-Marseille and author of major editions of Claudian and N. Perotti, and (...)

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