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Irénée entre Asie et Occident

This volume brings together contributions concerning the figure of Irenaeus (ca 130-ca 200), a Christian author from Asia minor, Greek by language and culture, who spent the second part of his (...)

Augustin exégète et prédicateur dans les Sermons sur Matthieu

In his preaching, does Augustine of Hippo adapt his biblical commentaries and, if so, according to what criteria? To answer this question, this book studies the exegesis of some twenty sermons (...)

Sermons Dolbeau 1-10

In 1990, in a 15th-century manuscript kept in the Stadtbibliothek in Mainz, François Dolbeau recognized a series of authentic Augustine sermons, some completely unknown until then, others known in (...)

Contre Fauste le manichéen, livres XIII-XXI

Dans le volume 18/B de la Bibliothèque augustinienne, on pourra lire une traduction nouvelle des livres XIII-XXI du Contre Fauste le manichéen, qui est une des œuvres majeures d’Augustin. Elle (...)

Genèses antiques et médiévales de la foi

This book collects together papers presented at two multi-disciplinary gatherings which sought to examine concepts belonging to the semantic field of religious belief. The collection sets out from (...)

Exégèse, révélation et formation des dogmes dans l’Antiquité tardive

Following the studies of Pierre Hadot, we know that the main approach to philosophy in Late Antiquity takes the form of an exegesis of authoritative texts, not without altering their primary aim. (...)

La patience ou le zèle

The first Reform in Latin Europe, Hussitism did not only shake the neighboring countries of Bohemia. Joan of Arc herself was alarmed at the end of her short life. The French, if not France as (...)

Les commentaires des Psaumes. Ps 45-52

Les volumes 57 et suivants de la Bibliothèque Augustinienne, fruit du travail commun de plusieurs spécialistes d’Augustin (I. Bochet, A.-I. Bouton-Touboulic, M. Dulaey, P.-M. Hombert, É. Rebillard), (...)

La lettre-miroir dans l’Occident latin et vernaculaire du Ve au XVe s.

At the crossroads of letters and literary “Mirrors” in both Latin and the Western vernaculars, the volume collects papers from a colloquium held in 2014 at the University of Paris III (Sorbonne (...)

Ausone en 2015: bilan et nouvelles perspectives

This volume Ausone en 2015: bilan et nouvelles perspectives contains the papers delivered at the international conference, held under the same title, at the University of Paris Nanterre on 8 and (...)

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