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Peuple prophétique et nation témoin

Le peuple juif dans le Contra Faustum manichaeum de saint Augustin

First monograph dedicated to the “Contra Faustum” of Augustine, this study, based on a precise analysis of the whole work, investigates the origins of the augustinian theology of the Jewish people, elaborated within the framework of the debate with the Manicheans on the interpretation of Scriptures.

Face in the Manichean prophetology of Faustus of Milev, which, welcoming all the wisdoms of the world, rejected the only monotheist revelation of the Hebrews, Augustine defends the prophetic argument. He develops a scripturary hermeneutics of the figure, where he describes the Jewish people in the history of the salvation as the “prophetic people” announcing the Christ and the Church. He also elaborates a theology of the sacramentum which gives to the contemporary Jews the status of “nation witness” of the truth of Scriptures. Because, if the sacramenta of the Ancient Alliance left place to those of the New Testament, their christological and ecclesiological meaning has not known its completion yet: the Church thus continues to listen to resounding the voice of the law and the prophets of the Jewish people.

EAA 191: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2011
ISBN: 978-2-85121-248-1

666 p., 165 x 250 mm

46 € TTC

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