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Œuvres de saint Augustin, BA 60

Les commentaires des Psaumes. Ps 53-60

sous la direction M. Dulaey, avec I. Bochet, M. Pauliat, M. Pignot, N. Requin et A. de Saxcé

Augustine (354-430) is the first Latin author to have made a complete commentary on the psalter which will be read all the more in the following centuries as it often takes on the appearance of a very lively preaching. The eight Enarrationes in this volume are commentaries on Ps 53 to 60 preached by Augustine on various dates and bear the mark of the polemic against the Donatists for some, and the struggle against Pelagian ideas for others. The French translation, the work of a team of researchers who have worked together for a long time, is based on the Latin text of CCSL 39 which has been updated using the edition of H. Müller in CSEL 94/1 (2004). Each Enarratio is preceded by its own introduction which specifies the circumstances which gave rise to it and its specific aim, and it is accompanied by an abundant infrapaginal annotation as well as 20 additional notes.

BA 60: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2021
ISBN: 978-2-85121-312-9
736 p., 115 x 165 mm
74€ TTC

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