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Œuvres de saint augustin, BA 37

La Cité de Dieu, livres XIX-XXII

Réimpression de la 4e édition, avec un supplément bibliographique par Agnès Vareille

Published for the first time in 1960, reprinted identically in 1993, this last volume of The City of God was out of print, and almost impossible to find on the second-hand market. Here it is again available. Augustine examines there the ends and the end of the two cities, terrestrial and celestial: the ends which they pursue in their mixture in this world (book XIX), the last judgment (book XX) and the eschatology which awaits each of them (books XXI-XXII). These last books are distinguished by the political and eschatological meanings attached to the notion of the city. Thanks to the abundant richness of both philosophical and theological argumentation, this last volume will interest not only regular readers of Augustine, but also specialists in religious and philosophical ideas from Antiquity.

This reprint is distinguished from the previous ones by a Bibliographic Supplement established by a specialist in Augustine’s work, Agnès Vareille.

BA 37: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2022
ISBN: 978-2-85121-326-6
984 p., 115 x 165 mm
65€ TTC

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