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L’exégèse monastique au moyen âge (XIe-XIVe siècle)

Sous la direction de Gilbert Dahan et Annie Noblesse-Rocher

Following discussions on the existence of a “monastic theology”, this volume offers a series of reflections on the exegesis practiced by monks in the Christian West. Sensitive to the literary qualities and the intense spirituality which qualify the biblical commentaries of medieval monks, the present work offers a new, hermeneutical approach to this rich material. In reality, only a small portion of these texts is known and has been the object of careful study. Indeed, while we are well familiar with the texts of Bernard of Clairvaux, Rupert of Deutz and Isaac of Stella, the vast majority of monastic commentaries remains little known, and often unexplored. In addition to the major representatives of monasticism, this volume explores the richness of authors as diverse as Hervé of Bourg-Dieu, William of Flay, Guerric of Igny, and Gilbert of Stanford. Extending the known corpus, the present volume also opens up new avenues of research, striving to answer the question: does the monastic exegesis of the eleventh to fourteenth centuries possess unique characteristics of its own, notably with respect to the exegesis of the schools, which develops in the late eleventh century, and the exegesis of the University, born at the beginning of the thirteenth century? The response brought by all the contributions in this volume is affirmative, with various nuances. They show that monastic exegesis is characterized by a strong appropriation of biblical texts (especially the Old Testament), by a concern for contemporary relevance and a holistic approach that integrates the world and the Bible. Several contributions also examine the material aspects of monastic bibles, including their iconography, which is of particular importance.

EAMA 51: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2014
ISBN: 978-2-85121-267-2
352 p., 165 x 250 mm
50€ TTC

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