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Œuvres de saint Augustin, BA 25/A

Contre Julien, livres I-III

par Mickaël Ribreau

In volume 25/A of the “Bibliothèque augustinienne”, one can read a new translation of books I to III of Contra Julianum by Augustine. This is a major work by Augustine. It is of interest not only to readers of Augustine, but also to those interested in what is quickly called "Pelagianism", because Augustine refutes Julian of Eclanum’s Ad Turbantium, a work which is known only thanks to quotations from the Bishop of Hippo. The reader can thus better understand what opposes the "Pelagians", supporters of free will, and Augustine, defender of grace. During the work, major themes of ancient Christianity are treated, analyzed and explained, such as the relationship between grace and free will, original sin, the role of baptism, the relationship between reason and the authority of the Scriptures, the authority of the Fathers of the Church.

The translation, the first in French since the end of the 19th century, is based on a revision, after reading the most significant manuscripts, of the text of the Maurists (PL 45). The volume includes an extensive introduction that studies the different aspects of the work (historical, literary, theological). The various books are the subject of an in-depth study, the results of which are set out in the many footnotes and additional notes at the end of the volume. It has no equivalent in foreign collections.

BA 25A: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2021
ISBN: 978-2-85121-313-6
692 p., 115 x 165 mm
70€ TTC

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