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Œuvres de saint Augustin, BA 18/A

Contre Fauste le manichéen, livres I-XII

dir. par M. Dulaey, avec la collaboration de I. Bochet, J.-D. Dubois, A. Massie, P. Mattei, M.-Y. Perrin et G. Wurst

The Reply to Faustus the Manichaean is one of Augustine’s major works. It is of interest both to students of the bishop of Hippo’s works and to specialists of Manichaeism, as it touches upon many aspects of the Manichaean doctrine, and Augustine apparently reproduces in full a lost opuscule by Faustus before refuting it. The discussion and polemic against Faustus incorporates many aspects of Christian theology and Biblical exegesis that are important for knowledge of early Christianity. The introduction to the first volume contains in particular a detailed review of Manichaeism in the light of new sources. The Latin text in BA 18/A (Reply to Faustus I-XII) is based on that of J. ZYCHA (CSEL 25/1, 1891) which remains the authoritative version. The translation by M. DULAEY and P. MATTEI draws on an older work by M. CORDIER (†). The introductions, footnotes and additional notes are by I. BOCHET, J.-D. DUBOIS, M. DULAEY, A. MASSIE, P. MATTEI, M.-Y. PERRIN and G. WURST. General introductions will also be included in the volumes BA 18/B and 18/C. As there is no equivalent study in foreign collections, this project will be of interest beyond the French-speaking academic community.

BA 18/A: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-85121-291-7
512 p., 115 x 165 mm
50€ TTC

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