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Caritatis scripta. Mélanges de littérature et de patristique offerts à Patrick Laurence

Textes réunis et préparés par A. Canellis, É. Gavoille et B. Jeanjean

This volume is a tribute to Patrick Laurence, whose authoritative works on the Church Fathers and Roman society and law of the Late Empire inspired the 23 contributions presented here. The first part is devoted to the role of women in Antiquity, with studies encompassing both mythical and literary characters from Homer, Cicero, Virgil, Ovid, St Jerome, and historical data (family institutions in Cassiodorus). The second part is centered on the analysis of epistolary art in St Jerome, Sidonius Apollinaris, Justus Lipsius.The third and last section is devoted to studies in the Biblical fields: Christian interpretation of ancient paradigms, hagiographies (St Barbara, St Martin of Tours), issues in ecdotics, not to forget a contemporary reading of the Roman Emperor Nero by Miklós Hubay.

EAA 199: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2015
ISBN: 978-2-85121-275-7
376 p., 165 x 250 mm
45€ TTC

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