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Bibliothèque augustinienne (BA)

The BA publishes bilingual editions of the works of St. Augustine (Latin text, French translation, introduction and substantial notes). This project was begun shortly after the end of the Second World War, and aimed to offer to the public Augustine’s work in a modern translation, furnished with the necessary critical commentary. Each volume begins with a long introduction, generally a new study of the work being edited : its dating, its literary genre, the historical, philosophical, theological and exegetical problems it raises. Copious footnotes help the reader’s understanding of the text, particularly by placing the subjects discussed by Augustine within the context of his entire work, and of ancient thought. Complementary notes in the back of each volume address points of difficulty, and are often equivalent to short articles ; they can be found quoted as such in specialised bibliographies. The editors of the BA are Martine Dulaey, Directeur d’études at the École Pratiques des Hautes Études (5th Section), and Anne-Isabelle Bouton-Touboulic, professor at the University Charles-de-Gaulle – Lille 3.

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