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Isabelle BOCHET (éd.)

Augustin philosophe et prédicateur. Hommage à Goulven Madec

Actes du colloque international organisé à Paris les 8 et 9 septembre 2011

In his study of Augustine, Goulven Madec never distinguishes between the philosopher and the preacher; he likewise focuses on the authors who were influential on Augustine, whether it was Cicero or Porphyry, as well as the reception that Augustine’s works received. The papers amassed in this volume to pay homage to Goulven Madec present at first some aspects of his research. They then go into depth on his favorite themes: Augustine and Porphyry, Augustine and philosophy (the first dialogues, the notion of wisdom, the expression philosophia christiana), Augustine and Preaching (a critical edition of Sermo 139 on Trinity, the Augustinian exegesis of Peter’s tears and of Romans 9–11 on the destiny of the Jewish people), Augustine’s work about his own texts or the texts of others, and the reception of Augustine by Pascal and by phenomenology. The book also offers two unpublished texts of Goulven Madec which have been developed and completed: an annotated translation of fragments from Porphyry’s De regressu animae and a lengthy study on “Augustine and Cicero’s Hortensius.”

EAA 195: Paris, Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2012
ISBN: 978-2-85121-256-6

XIII + 590 p., 165 x 250 mm

49 € TTC

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